Welcome to the Future of Beekeeping

Here at NBS, we’re known for producing the highest quality hives, accessories, clothing and associated beekeeping products. We are also passionate about combining our history and knowledge with cutting edge technology, which leads us to our exciting new product innovation – sterilised wax.

What is Sterilised Wax?

We have added an extra process to the manufacture of our wax foundation sheets. Wax blocks are now placed into our brand-new, state of the art sterilizing equipment, which warms it to 125°C for over an hour to eliminate bacteria, bee disease and dirt. This kills all known pathogens and eradicates spores American Foulbrood (AFB), European Foulbrood (EFB) and Nosema.

Why use Sterilised Wax foundations?

A healthy hive means healthy bees. Using our sterilized wax, which has been warmed to a temperature to ensure all known pathogens have been killed and spores of AFB, EFB and Nosema have been eradicated, means you can rest safe in the knowledge that your bees start the season drawing their combs in foundations made of the purest wax.

As well as our standard foundation, we now also offer super foundation, a new premium foundation made from our sterilised wax which has a thicker cell wall. The thicker cell wall creates a better start for your bees as they use less energy drawing comb, leaving more energy for honey production.

All of our foundation is available in packs of 10 sheets that has been cut to industry standard sizes and fit snuggly into the quality frames made here at National Bee Supplies.

Discover, Shop & Win!

If you’d like to find out more about our new sterilised wax we have a brilliant, in-depth video guide which takes you through our process and written information can be seen on our foundation page. To view our complete range of foundations, for a wide range of hive configurations, please click here. 

We’re also offering one of our customers the chance to WIN 100 SHEETS of our new foundation, in celebration of BeeCraft’s 100 year anniversary. You can find full competition details and information about our partnership with BeeCraft here.