In keeping with our ethos of providing the very best quality products, we are excited to announce that 2020 is the year National Bee Supplies are producing a cut-comb foundation for the very first time.

A healthy hive means healthy bees. 

Bees are known to fly several miles in a search for nectar, but it’s hard to guarantee that any honey or wax is organic. To source a significant amount of pure wax we decided to look in areas of the world that follow traditional agricultural practices, that do not rely on pesticides or herbicides. In doing so we found a supply of wax from rural Ethiopia and when tested, the assays came back showing zero contaminants and adulterants. We then melt and sterilise the wax to remove the risk of pathogens. Meaning we are left with the purest wax that we can provide and the perfect cut-comb foundation. 


Where does our ‘Pure’ Cut Comb come from? 

Our wax comes from the Adama region in Ethiopia, located to the west of the Great Rift Valley. Beekeeping practices in this area have been passed down from generation to generation and are as old as any farming practice. The success of beekeeping in Ethiopia is down to its tremendous variety of agro-climatic conditions and biodiversity, which aids the existence of a large number of bee colonies. Therefore, we are delighted to be supporting the country’s rural development whilst offering the purest wax to our NBS customers. 


Sterilised wax and its benefits.  

Our sterilised wax has been warmed to a temperature to ensure all known pathogens have been killed and spores of AFB, EFB and Nosema have been eradicated, which means you can rest safe in the knowledge that your bees start the season drawing their combs in pure foundations.

As well as our standard foundation, we now also offer a super foundation, a new premium foundation made from our sterilised wax which has a thicker cell wall. The thicker cell wall creates a better start for your bees as they use less energy drawing comb, leaving more energy for honey production.

How is it made? 

Wax blocks are now placed into our brand new state of the art sterilizing equipment that warms it to 125°C for over an hour to eliminate bacteria, bee disease, and dirt. This kills all known pathogens and eradicates spores American Foulbrood (AFB), European Foulbrood (EFB) and Nosema. 

Watch the video below to find out more about our sterilisation process. 

What people are saying

“Wouldn’t travel all the way to Devon with my capping wax to be made into sterilised foundation if it wasn’t the best”Wollaton Honey, Nottingham