In this article, we’ll show you a little more about the amazing beehives we have to offer and some of the buying options available.


National Beehive

  • Functional, Single wall construction
  • Recesses allow for easy transporting
  • Complete hive kits come with sterilised wax foundation
  • Our packages include 12 British Standard Hoffman brood frames and wired foundation, providing 50,000 worker cells approximately!

Our most popular hive in the UK this single-walled bottom bee space hive has recessed end walls providing handholds perfect for lifting. With long lugs measuring 1  ” on the top bars you can easily manipulate the colony. Due to the hive construction being square, the 18 ” square inch hive means it can worked either parallel to the entrance or at right angles to it as desired.

Available as a starter kit too! Our beginner kits take the guesswork out of starting to keep your own hive. Almost all beginner beekeepers start with the National beehive. It’s easy to expand and the hive is perfect for budding beekeepers as once you become more experienced and your confidence grows, you’ll be free to add space to your hive. Our National Starter Kits include everything you need to start your beekeeping journey.

Made from the finest quality Western Red Cedar. Imperfections and knots are discarded, so you will receive a top-quality product that will last for many years.


Commercial Beehive

  • Simple, Flat roof design
  • Interchangeable with National Beehive parts
  • Complete kits come with sterilised wax foundation
  • Our packages include 12 British Standard Hoffman brood frames and wired foundation, providing approximately 75,000 worker cells.

The commercial beehive, much like the National is made from the finest quality Western Red Cedar, with the knots discarded. The main difference between the National and the Commercial beehives is that the Commercial allows for the use of larger brood chambers which helps to reduce swarming. This hive still utilises the National beehive parts making it extremely versatile. Being slightly larger than the National it can provide up to 75,000 worker cells.

WBC Beehive

  • Traditional look
  • Double-walled
  • Lighter inner components
  • Holds the same frames as the National Beehive
  • Complete kits come with sterilised wax foundation

The very traditional and picturesque WBC beehive is what we think about when we think about bees and honey. The long-established look of these beehives has been around since the 1800s and continues to don its beauty wherever you work. With a gabled roof, this beehive isn’t just functional, it’s fabulous too!


Langstroth Beehive

For honey production, this is the most widely used beehive in the world! Invented by Revd. L. L. Langstroth this beehive is the oldest moveable comb hive in use today.

The outside dimensions of the top bee space hive are 16 ” x 20”. The comb area with the normal 9” deep frames in the brood chamber is 2,720 square inches. The equivalent of approximately 61,400 worker cells!