NBSPOTY 2021 has now ended!

#NBSPOTY 2021 has now ended, the votes have been counted and we are delighted to announce the winning images. But just before you scroll down, thank you! We could never have predicted the wonderful and heart-warming response we’ve had to the competition, and that is a true reflection of the fantastic community we are proud to serve. 

And the winner is…

We are delighted to announce the overall winner of #NBSPOTY 2021, and taking the grand prize is ‘Apis mellifera’ by Steven Bailey.

The winning image ‘Apis mellifera’ impressed us with its exceptional detail. We appreciate the timing of this image as well as the vibrant colours of the flower and honeybee itself!

We would like to extend our congratulations to Steven Bailey, who will be taking home the grand prize of our industry-leading beehive starter kits, including a full beekeeper’s suit & accessories, smokers & other tools, and even a £50 voucher!

Our 2021 Category Winners

Below are the winners of our 12 categories. These images gained the most votes for their respective categories, and each photographer will receive our queen bee & beekeeper mug duo set. We would like to thank our category winners who have done extremely well to come out on top – congratulations! Click the images to expand and discover more.


We’re overwintering the competition ready for release in the New Year!

The Bar is Set

Due to the fantastic response to this years competition, we are excited to announce that we will be launching #nbspoty2022 in the new year. Keep your eyes on our website, blog and social media over the coming months for all the details.

For now, enjoy all the images from this year – we won’t remove them from the category pages. Once again, we’d like to thank everyone who made #nbspoty a fantastic success this year and look forward to welcoming photographers and beekeepers, new & old, to #NBSPOTY2022.

“The keeping of bees is like the direction of sunbeams.”