Exclusive Advice with Beekeeper Kacper

After lots of rain in March, we will hopefully have a sunny and warm April with an odd day of rain to keep the soil moist for good nectar production.

I have checked the hives in the last few days when it’s been warm. I am checking the bees in spring, just for a quick inspection. I have taken the frames out until I see the brood, there is no need to look for the queen if we have seen the brood. Make sure bees have enough food stores and if not, replenish them with ambrosia syrup.  Pollen patties can still be used but there is plenty of fresh pollen that should be foraged by the workers.

If I find a hive with no brood at this time of year and there is food in the hive it means there is probably no queen (a test frame with eggs can be moved into this hive to confirm there is no queen.) Bees are usually noisier and angrier if the colony is queenless. A queenless colony should be united with a queen right colony as soon as possible or you can purchase a queen.

Oil seed rape is coming into flower as well as dandelions. Strong hives which occupy a whole brood box at this time can have a super added so that the bees have space to make honey.


By the end of the month, I will start swarm control measures. I will check hives on a regular basis looking for queen cells and gradually add more frames and boxes to the hives ensuring enough space for the growing colonies.

Prepare new hives for swarms.

New Book for 2023

The Adventures of Scout: The Missing Bees

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Illustrations by: Ann Baratashvili

Header Image by Lorna Wall.